Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It may be January, but I think it was totally appropriate to hear "Winter Wonderland" on the radio two days ago. A storm came our way and dumped several inches of snow. I may not be used to the snow either, but I think it's comical how crazy people become when it snows around here! Schools have been closed all week. We've been on "code green" at work (which by the way just means we can't leave until there is someone to replace us, not that there's a bomb or hazardous spill like we originally though). And the gym isn't even open. Everything seems to have shut down. I, of course, still have to go to work. Which means I leave early in the morning to slide on the icy roads while all the kids in the neighborhood use my driveway to sled and my yard to play in the snow all day. At least they feel comfortable enough to use it since I'm not around to enjoy it! And in spite of still having to go to work, it sure is pretty to look out the window and see snow lightly falling as a baby is entering the world.

Monday, January 8, 2007


Who would have thought I'd be living here? Growing up, I thought I'd live in California forever. I guess I just never thought about living anywhere else. And I never banked on falling in love in Canada. It was supposed to just be a temporary move to the land of rain. But here I am, six years later, still living in the rain. The strange thing is, on occasion, I actually kinda like it. Yeah, a lot of the year is cold according to my personal thermostat. And the rain continues for something like 9 months of the year. But on a day like today, it's nice to throw on a sweatshirt, have a fire in the fireplace, and stay cozy inside while the drizzle continues beyond the windows. Besides, who can beat falling asleep to the sound of the rain dancing softly on the skylight night after night? It may not be my childhood dream, but it's home with my husband. And I guess that makes it paradise.