Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Update on 2008 goals

At the beginning of this year, I laid out some goals for myself.  I thought I'd look back and see how I did:

1. Keep track of the books I read  - I finished 30 books in their entirety, and read parts of several others.  Fun to look back at all I read!
2. Make a quilt - I made a rag quilt and gave it to my sister for her birthday.  A second quilt for Little One just needs the binding finished.
3. Put together a scrapbook of everything while we were dating/engaged before we have a baby. - I finished just a few weeks before Little One was born :)
4. Go to Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas this summer - check!  I was big and pregnant, but I went!
5. Grow closer in my walk with the Lord  - how do you define this one? I think there is always room for more improvement, but my prayer life has improved since getting up for middle of the night feedings :)
6. Have a baby or at least get pregnant - everyone knows the answer to that one
7. Try at least 4 new restaurants in the Portland area - I can think of 2 for sure...I'll have to check with my husband on this one to see how we did
8. Read more than just fiction  - well, I definitely read a lot of pregnancy and baby books this year
9. Send birthday cards BEFORE the birthdays com - I did well until about October....

Not bad at all!  Now I just have to think about what I want to accomplish in 2009....

Slept through the night!!!

A new milestone:  last night Little One slept nine consecutive hours!  She's been having trouble going down at night, then waking after only 3 or 4 hours this past week.  Everyone keeps asking if she's sleeping through the night, but it seems like this past week we've regressed.  Disappointing.  She was lasting about 6 hours at a time, but since Christmas and all the changes in our schedules, it's been more rough.  So waking up this morning and realizing it had been nine hours since she had gone to bed was amazing! Shocking, really.  We'll see what happens when we mess with her schedule again today and fly for the first time though....    

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More snow

Well, the snow has continued (and I think so has the continuous storm coverage on TV).  The view out the front windows is absolutely gorgeous now.  Not something I have a desire to drive in, but that's okay because my husband took my suv to work anyway.  Our driveway is hardly sloped, but it's the biggest "hill" in our flat neighborhood, so all the kids have been attempting to sled down it.  One of the boys dutifully came over to ask permission to use our driveway as the "sledding hill."  Of course we said yes.  In watching them, I think the biggest challenge is to get the sled to actually move on an almost flat surface.  Rather entertaining to observe! 

 According to my latest measurements, it looks like we're right at 10 inches of snow.  We must be close to the melting point right now because we're growing huge icicles off the roof.  We have icicle lights in the truest sense this year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

2 months!

Can it really be that more than 2 months have passed since the little one was born?  Time is flying by!  And yet, it seems like forever ago that I was in the hospital giving birth.  Crazy how "time" is so relative to what is happening.  Last night when she refused to go to sleep, every minute seemed to drag.  As the clock struck midnight, it seemed like I had been up for days.  On the other hand, naptime never seems to last long enough to get everything accomplished.  Have two hours already passed?  Where did that time go? 

So at Little One's two month check up, she weighed just under 13 pounds and was 24 inches long.  My little girl is growing so fast!  And I discovered how terrible it is to watch your child get shots.  Since I give shots at work, I didn't think it would be bad.  Boy was I wrong!  Watching the look on her face was horrible.  It was like she thought I had betrayed her.  So much for holding it together for her!  Good thing we have a few more months before we need anymore of those. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why is it that everyone freaks out about snow here?  Yesterday morning I thought I'd watch a bit of the Today show while folding the giant pile of laundry.  But no...there was a continuous "storm watch" on the local news, which continued ALL DAY LONG.  Did I mention that it wasn't even snowing here at the time?  Today it's actually snowing, which I think makes everything look so beautiful.  I think we'll just crank up the Christmas music and enjoy the view from inside. :)  


Thursday, December 11, 2008

All decorated!

Our house is now decorated for Christmas (well, it has been since a few days after Thanksgiving).  It definitely takes more time to decorate when you're trying to keep a baby happy at the same time!  I eventually resorted to the sling, which kept the little one content.  I figure I better enjoy everything this year because by next year she'll be into everything.  I have a feeling this is the last year for a while that all the decor will be up :)