Monday, June 1, 2009

New friends!  E was happy to sit in Little One's lap and give her loves. :)  
My "Canadian parents" were so excited to meet Little One and let us stay with them.  Thanks so much!  

We had fun visiting Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.  We walked the entire seawall.  And Little One got to see the ocean for the first time! 
Great-grandma was excited to see Little One as always. :)  


Catch up

Just thought I should play catch-up....Just over a month ago, my Papa came to visit.  And just over a week after returning home, he passed away.  I am so grateful for the time we got to spend with him.  I'm sad that Little One won't remember her great-Papa.  That I only have one grandparent still living.  But so grateful for all the memories I do have.  And all the photos I can share with Little One as she grows.  

And as a wonderful reminder that death is just part of life and life goes on, the same day that Papa died, my sister got engaged!  So we'll be gaining a family member.  We're so excited for Auntie S and Uncle D!   

So we weren't planning on seeing my family until fall, but we went down for Mother's Day weekend in order to be there for the funeral.  Although a funeral isn't necessarily the happiest of occasions, we are so glad that we know Papa is in heaven.  And overall, we had a nice weekend with my family.