Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab Finds v.3 (JBF edition)

I love a good sale.  Love.  And a couple weeks ago was our local Just Between Friends sale.  What could be better?  I love finding amazing deals for my girls.  I even found a shirt for myself, which I was quite happy about! Unfortunately, when I got home, I noticed a little hole close to the hem.  Boo.  So I grabbed my trusty iron-on stuff to fix it.  I decided a little heart would work just fine to fix my shirt.  I got everything together and went to work my magic.  I know the instructions say to hold the iron down for at least 30 seconds, but I double-checked that everything looked okay after just a few seconds.  That's when I saw that my iron had left a big fat purple mark in its place!  This photo doesn't even begin to do it justice.  Uggh!  Fortunately, after a couple minutes, the color returned to normal.  But now I am left questioning: did I buy one of those funky color-changing shirts for myself?  I suppose I'll find out when I get up the courage to wear it on a warm sunny day. :)

In other news, I found some fabulous stuff for my girls and nephew.  Let's just say I did some serious birthday shopping!  Nifty shoes for my nephew, cute clothes all around, and a brand new Gymboree shirt for a mere $3!  Score!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This week I discovered that there are the milestones we watch and wait for.  And then there are "others."

There are the standard ones:  smiling...rolling over...sitting up...walking...saying the first word.  As time goes on, we look forward to hearing our little ones string words together, learn new concepts, and play with others.  Those are the kinds of milestones any mom can list off. She knows those milestones are coming and she's on the look-out for them.

But then there are the "other ones."  I mean, as a new mom, it didn't occur to me that I would look forward to the day a bib was no longer needed for every meal.  Or the day when Honeygirl would start clearing her dishes when she was done eating.  How about the day Sweet Pea started saying, "bless you, Mommy," when I blew my nose?  Nope, didn't see that one coming either, but it sure is precious! Or the day we managed to capture a photo of both girls sitting on the same bench, and smiling at the same time.

And then this week, I realized we had met a new milestone once again.  It happened when I heard the pitter patter of little feet in the night.  I was still downstairs on the couch.  The little feet walked from the bedroom to the bathroom above me.  A short while later, I heard the flush of the toilet, followed by running water in the sink.  Yep, that was unmistakably my almost 4 year old waking up and taking herself to the bathroom all by herself in the middle of the night.  Who knew one could get so excited by a milestone you didn't even know you were waiting for?!?

I've heard it's important to celebrate the "lasts."  Life happens so fast.  The milestones, whether expected or not, come quick.  So this week, I will celebrate that changing sheets in the night is hopefully over.  And I will celebrate that unless dinner is particularly messy, Sweet Pea can skip the bib.  I will celebrate the sweet words I hear when blowing my nose, even though it also reminds me I have an unfortunate cold. And I will be on the lookout for even the unexpected milestones.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Naptime weaning

I wrote this back on April 26th...

After being away for a couple days, it seemed like a good time to wean Sweet Pea from her nap time mama milk.  When I'm around, this is a non-negotiable snack for her.  After lunch, we go up to her room and rock in the rocking chair while she nurses.  And there is No. Way. she is about to miss out.  But if I'm at work, she goes down for a nap without milk.  No problem at all.  So I decided that after three days without me, maybe we could just faze it out.  Monday came.  The time for nap time came.  And the screaming tantrum began.  To say that Sweet Pea wasn't on board with this plan is an understatement!  She was royally ticked off!  After attempting to rock without success, I put her in the crib where she quickly started reaching for whatever she could to throw.  Did I mention she was ticked?  I went back downstairs to take a deep breath and wait.

Honeygirl was waiting downstairs for me.
Honeygirl:  Why is Sweet Pea crying?
me: Because she didn't get her nap time milk.
H: Why not?
me: Because she's getting bigger and doesn't need it anymore.
H: Is she only going to have it at bedtime now?
me: Well, bedtime and in the morning too.
H: But Mommy, Sweet Pea *likes* it.  (sad face with bottom lip sticking out for extra effects)  Poor Sweet Pea. (pause)  Poor Sweet Pea.

Glad to know I have an empathetic child!

Update:  Sweet Pea now reads two stories with me and Honeygirl at nap time, then snuggles into bed with her paci, blankie, and monkey.  No crankiness at all.  And somewhere along the way, she forgot about morning milk too.  So bedtime is our only time now.  But there is No. Way. she is about to give that up.  When I tried to talk to her about getting to be a big girl, she insisted, "baby!"  My baby isn't about to wean at bedtime, and that's okay with me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Honeygirl's perceptions

Q. What's the best thing I cook for you?
A. chocolate chip cookies

Q. What's the best thing about having me for a mommy?
A.  Loving and caring for you!

Q. What's your favorite thing to do with  me?
A.  Paint in the bathtub, and do that bubble thingy.

Q.  How many kids should we have in our family?
A.  We should have 10 babies and two adults.