Sunday, October 11, 2009

One year!

It's official: Little One is one! I have no idea where the past year has gone. It's amazing to see all the growth and changes that come in a single year. She's looking more and more grown up each day and constantly learning new things. We had a birthday bash for her on Friday (her actual birthday) evening with lots of family and a few of our close friends. She loved being the center of attention! As soon as we started singing "Happy Birthday," she broke into a huge smile. :) Yes, I think she takes after Auntie Sarah..... ;)

The new slide from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Drew
The cupcake tower instead of a traditional cake, made by me.
Excitedly listening to everyone sing to her :)
Mmmmm....this straight sugar frosting is yummy!
Opening her new baby doll with her little buddy C.

Smartipants review

Just a quick follow-up from my last post.... Now that I've had the chance to try the Smartipants diaper on my little girl several times, I must say I'm impressed! They are some of the best priced pocket diapers I've seen out there. I love that they are one size and have snaps. Plus, the pocket is open on both ends, making them easy to stuff. I always take the insert out before putting them in the wash, but I'm told that because the pocket is open ended, the insert will come out on it's own. At any rate, it is very absorbent. We haven't had any leakage issues. I think they are actually more absorbent than our ever faithful FuzziBunz.

A+ for this diaper :)