Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The things they say

I love the things the kids say, Especially when they are still learning correct pronunciation. 

Gracie girl these days:
Ready seddy go!
Happy dirtday to you!
Adds "t" to the end of any word ending in "r"
Loves "wheels on the bus," especially "The daddies on the bus go bounce, bounce, bounce."
Ends sentences with "right?"
I Luz you mommy 
"Scaredy skadows" (scary shadows)
I look at pictures on daddy's pone? (Phone)
All "f" sounds come out as "p"

Monday, January 18, 2016

My devotions tonight held a simple reminder that God "doesn't require that we become completely willing" before he uses us. He has all the time in the world to wait for us, but we don't. He can take our little steps toward His will and mold us into what He desires. 

So completely true. Had I known where He wanted me to be now, I would not have responded to the calls He placed on my life nearly a year ago. But He daily gives me what I need. Stretching me. Making me lean on Him and others. Growing. 

And it is good. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Well Done

Loving this song right now. It's the cry of my heart.

Well Done by Moriah Peters

I'm headed down this narrow road
Chosen by the few
And all that I know is
You told me to follow You

I'm taking a risk and leaving it all
Not knowing what I'll go through
But I'm not alone
As long as I follow You

So when my life's a leap of faith
I can hear you say

Well done, well done
I'm gonna chase You, Lord
I'm gonna show the world Your love, whoa

I'll run, I'll run
I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done

If people walk with me, talk with me, looking for truth
They're gonna find out soon
If they're following me, then they're gonna follow You

So let my life speak loud and clear
Lord, I wanna hear

Well done, well done
I'm gonna chase You, Lord
I'm gonna show the world Your love, whoa

I'll run, I'll run
I'm gonna run this race
To hear you say well done

I'm so glad that I get to serve You, Lord
You're the only One I'm living for, whoa
And I'm gonna run straight into Your open arms
I'm gonna follow You with my whole heart, whoa, whoa

Well done, well done
I'm gonna chase You, Lord
I'm gonna show the world Your love, whoa

I'll run, I'll run
I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done

I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done
I'm gonna run this race
To hear you say well done
Well done

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

1st day of school

It's hard to believe it's our second year of having two kiddos going to "school." Honeygirl's big concerns were whether her bus driver and bus number would be the same.  And of course who her friends would be this year.  One of the downfalls of attending such a large public school is that there are only a few kids in her new class that she knows.  None of which were close friends from last year.  But God always provides.  We talked about how she might make friends with someone she just didn't know last year, or there might be someone who was new to the school who would need friends.  Both were true!  She's made a couple new friends in her class, one of which is a new transplant from the Midwest and shares a lot of her same interests.

Sweet Pea started her second year of preschool today.  She was just excited to go! She was excited to find out that one of her best little buddies from last year is still in her Wednesday class.  Tomorrow we will find out who she knows in her Thursday class.  And she proudly came home announcing she had made a new friend - not surprising, a boy.  Funny enough, it's a little boy that goes to our church, but she has never connected with him there.  She was pretty excited that find out we already know the family!

And Gracie girl and I went to our first school meeting of the year today, where I met a super sweet mama that I'm excited to get to know.  It turns out that her daughter is one of Honeygirl's new friends.   And she had her other little girl who just turned one in a Tula! Yep, new friend for sure. ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2015



At this moment, I'm kind of in awe of how much it sets the tone of my day. I don't know if I listen to more or less music than the average person, but music is a constant backdrop to my life. 

At home, Pandora plays until the "are you still there?" message appears. Then I click "yes," and the song resumes. 

In the car, it's the radio. Or a CD.  Or sometimes Pandora. 

The stations we listen to are numerous. When Grammie babysits, it's usually Disney music that plays. When I need the a calm reminder that God is over all, it's the Getty channel that's on. Most days, it's All Sons and Daughters. Sometimes I change it up and put in some Michael Buble. Or Chris Tomlin. Or Rascal Flatts. Or Broadway tunes. 

But the music? It's almost always on. It's calming. It's grounding. It's energizing. It's rejuvenating. It makes me dance. It reminds me to pray. It settles my soul. 

And it's not until I'm away from the music for a few days that I realize how much I need it woven into the fabric of each day. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend of Change

Often, change is so subtle that when you are the one home with the littles all the time, you don't even notice it. What? She grew 2 inches over the summer? How did you skip an entire shoe size between June and September? Little by little, the change just sneaks up on us. 

And then there are other times. 

Times when the changes are in your face and sudden. 

Like this weekend. It started innocently enough. Mid-July and quite hot for here. Trying to brainstorm how we can incorporate fun stuff into our summer. So Friday evening, we had an impromptu picnic in the park. Our first at the park downtown with a fountain. And I'm pretty sure the first picnic that didn't involve peanut butter sandwiches. I made dress rolls to go with the chopped watermelon and the homemade Chinese chicken salad. This mama was proud as two out of three children happily munched on salad as the main course and even asked for seconds. I hope the image stays with me a long time. We played in the fountain and had a grand time. 

Saturday, we geared up for another first. Our first ever family bike ride! Not for the faint of husband picked a route that was several miles long. And I hadn't been on a bike in approximately 7.5 years. Sheesh. I have to say, the kids were quite the troupers! I loved seeing those little legs pedaling for all they were worth! 

After a quick lunch, we headed to the Oregon International air show. Well, we headed to the Costco parking lot right next to the air show at least.  We had taken a calculated guess at when the Blue Angels would take to the air and were pretty much right on. We had a bit of a tailgate party (as did a bunch of other people with the same idea!) and watched them put on a show for us for about 45 minutes. So fun to share with the kids! and with as intrigued as Gracie girl is with airplanes right now, she thought it was just about the best thing ever! 

If all those firsts weren't enough, when we arrived at church this morning, Gracie girl got moved up to the 2-3's class. What?! For whatever reason, I so did not see that coming. Never mind that her birthday is mear weeks away. I no longer have a baby in the nursery. Did you catch that? I don't have a baby in the nursery and won't ever again! Cue the tears. How did this happen?  She's talking. She's as independent as they come. And she's growing up already. 

We ended the day with a trip to Chipotle. Where Honeygirl lost her first tooth. Seriously? The changes are coming so fast. It was just at lunch that she told me it was more loose. Then out it came. (With a bit of help from me.)  I found the old tooth box I had as a little girl and helped her carefully place it unde under her pillow filled with her tooth. She can't wait for morning. 

They are growing and changing so fast. The long, hard days? Somehow, all together, they zip past. I don't understand how, but they do. 

So I will write it down to remember. Because chances are, tomorrow will be long. And hard. They will fight.  They will tell me dinner is disgusting. And there will be tears from at least one. But these days will slip by like all seasoned moms say. And all too soon, these tough days will be past and I will miss them. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A new resident in heaven

Absent from the body, present with the Lord. 
Tonight there is a new resident in heaven. Bittersweet. I find comfort in hearing she didn't appear to be in pain. Knowing that she was surrounded by some of the people who love her most. And in knowing that the whole process was relatively quick. I mean, as far as life being taken by cancer goes. 

But my heart grieves for her family left behind. Like it's breaking in two. And for all those who love her. And as tears slide down my cheeks, I wonder at how God's perfect plan allowed me to get to know her. 

I remember back when I didn't even know her name. But we often sat behind her and her family in church. One Sunday she turned around and told us that she just loved sitting in front of us because she loved to hear our voices as we sang.  Now, as singing voices go, I was in the high school choir, but my sister is the one that always got the compliments. Mine is more of an extra voice to tentatively add to many others. Except in Ellen's opinion. She loved to hear us sing. 

Then a year ago, we were approached about starting a multigenerational small group. We said okay. But I was never envisioning a couple in their 70's and another in their 80's. That was a bit more multigenerational than I was thinking. God had another plan though. Through this small group, I got to know Ellen and her family. I got to hear the wisdom from all these other couples with more life experience that me. And I realized what a gift the group was. When space opened up in a small group filled only with families of young children, I wasn't even interested in switching. How far I'd come. 

Then just a couple short weeks ago, we heard the news: the cancer was back and it looked bad. I was blessed with the opportunity to stop by last Thursday to chat for a few minutes and drop off some brightly colored flowers. Her outlook was so cheery. She was happy to report hospice would start the next day and she felt really good about that decision. Part of me wanted to believe hospice would help her hold on a bit longer, comfortably. But most of me didn't really see how that was possible. 

A year ago when I heard that two of the women in our small group were battling cancer and their husbands would need support when the battles ended, I didn't see how I would have time for such a group as a young mom. Now, I feel so fortunate to have been given the blessing of knowing Ellen. I'm humbled knowing that she really enjoying being in a small group with me. And I will do whatever I can to support her family in spite of being a busy young mom.

 Oh, how God has worked on my heart this past year without me even realizing it. And I know it will continue. I'm thankful for the lessons learned when I'm open to what God has planned rather than just my own agenda.