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So I recently came across this song called "Closer" by Sidewalk Prophets.  Have you heard of it?  Talk about a song that gets you in the gut.  I listened, and then listened again. Wanting to sing, but afraid.  Do you sing the lyrics when they terrify you? Can I sing them because they are great, but I'm not ready to mean them? 

I want my life to matter.  To shine brightly for Jesus.  I want others to see me and see that there's something different about me.  I want to be closer to Him than anything.  But being close usually means sacrifice.  The best of things don't just happen.  They come because of work.  And maybe some really big challenges.  Relationships grow when they are challenged.    When you walk through really hard things together.  And the though of ASKING for those challenges is terrifying.  Here's a portion of the lyrics.  I'm still singing them very hesitantly at this point. 

I want You here closer, closer than anything

So take me to the cent…

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