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Gray Hairs

Ok, so it's official.  I found the first gray hairs.  A month or two ago, I thought for sure I spied one, but then couldn't locate it again.  Last night, it was confirmed. Though not a lot, there are more than one of the little guys that have sprouted out of the top of my head.  Now, really, I find it impressive that I survived 8 years of parenting before the first appeared.  I mean, that should totally count for something!  Eight years with a determined, strong-minded  child.  Six years of life with a second one, who needs constant reminders to stay on task. And three more years with a third who just might rival her oldest sister in determination and strong-mindedness.  Life isn't exactly dull.  But it's exactly what I want.  Even on the tough days. Sometimes I just need a little reminder.

Then one night this past week, I heard the oldest demand to know why Mama (me) wasn't being "allowed" to have more babies.  Ha!  Does she think my life is not full eno…

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