Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Too quick

It all goes by too quick. I'm sitting here nursing her...her sweaty little hand laid on my chest one minute and pinching me the next. Her litte laugh while still nursing. The legs kicking in the air and pushing on the rocking chair armrest. Then the eyes start to droop.

You are growing up so fast, little Gracie girl. What happened to my little baby? This year has flown. You now have a specific blankie you want to snuggle when you are tired. You are very skilled at signing "all done" when you are finished with something- specifically the food being offered to you. Although, yesterday I caught you signing the same thing and reaching for more.  Hmmm... You can climb the stairs and are getting dangerously close to walking. I love that you use one of the little wooden chairs from Grammie's childhood as a walker to get around the kitchen. It's quite adorable. 

You have the greatest laugh ever. And thanks to your cousin Winston, you have gotten skilled at screaming for no apparent reason. We need to work on inside voices! You also know how to fake-cough, which is pretty comical. You search the floor for small things and readily pop them in the kisser.  Fortunately, you just seem to roll them around for awhile, but not swallow.  Good thing since your sisters leave so many little treasures around! Beads, rings, food, find them all.

You love being part of the action.  You want to see it all, which means naps are a challenge.  And you love your sisters.  Honeygirl loves carrying you around and trying to mother you, which you allow ever so graciously.

I remember someone saying that you must cherish the moments when they are small and in your arms because you won't be able to remember exactly how it feels to hold that child when they were that size.  I get it now.  Already, I can't remember what your little body felt like when you were a newborn snuggled against me.  Or when you were small and didn't kick the armrest of my rocking chair.  I can look back at the photos, but the weight of your body in my arms compared to now?  I can't quite picture the difference.  And I have no recollection of how exactly it felt to hold Honeygirl and Sweet Pea when they were this same size.  It's gone.  As you are about to turn one, Gracie girl, I'm sad you are growing so fast.  That my baby isn't a little baby anymore and that we are done with that stage for good.  But I am also excited about what is to come.  The little girl that will emerge this next year as you grow.  And all that will come with that.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Babywearing Dance class

Okay, time to be real again. Can you tell I'n a fan of reality? No sense in sugar coating everything and making my life look like a perfect fairytale. I man, I love my life, but it isn't perfect by any means.

During my pregnancies, there was at least one coworker who made multiple comments on how I should be in the cover of Fit Pregnancy magazine. While the comments were incredibly flattering, I know that they never would have been made if the truth about my fitness condition were known. Truth is, exercise isn't exactly at the top of my priority list. Shoukd it be? Well, we all know the answer to they one! But it's just not something I have ever been excited about or made a priority.

So several weeks back, I saw a photo of babywearing ballet class. And it sparked my interest! Me! The one who doesn't exercise, was actually intrigued by a form if exercise! Of course, the photo was of a class in California, I think. And a quick google search turned up nothing local to me. However, as the picture flew around Facebook, it wasn't ling before it showed up on my local babywearing group and someone with initiative stepped up. All that to say, I went to my first ever fitness class this past Saturday! Was I coordinated? Nope. Did I look like I had any idea what I was doing? Don't think so! Did my Gracie girl stay content like all the other babies? Once again, no! She was happy to dance with me for the majority of the class, but then decided she wanted to dance on her own. Guess she missed the memo on the babywearing part of it. But we still had fun. And somewhat shockingly, I would actually go back for more! So babywearing dance, here we come!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm so excited!  I've been asked to be a speaker at the MOMS group I attend. For the third year in a row!  I won't kid myself - I know I'm not somebody amazing, but I feel really honored that they keep asking me to come back and speak.  The past two years I've spoken on homemade gifts for the holidays (and you can look back here and find all sorts of posts with info on some of the ideas I've shared!).

This year I've been asked to speak on preparing for the holidays with children.  I'm super excited to share some of the things we choose to do at our house to celebrate.

Like our Thankfulness Calendar

And our Christmas Advent Calendar

And the tree for the kids to decorate.  Yep, you heard me right.  All their own.

Want to hear more?  Join me November 4th in person, or watch for more info probably around that time right here. :)

Until later...

Friday, July 25, 2014

DMV with a baby

Just spent my morning at the DMV. With Gracie girl in tow.

So to everyone else who was filling up the waiting room, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to listen to a screaming baby, but I will let you in on a secret.

As she flailed in my arms, exhausted since she got up at some point prior to 6am, I was just as frustrated as you. I didn't want to be at the DMV. Especially not with a cranky, tired baby. I didn't want people to look at me and wonder why I had brought her along. In some alternate universe, she would have napped in the Tula.  Or at least silently watched the world go by. Or maybe, just maybe, I would have gone to the DMV ALL. BY. MYSELF. But really, if I had a babysitter, I wouldn't want to squander that precious time at the DMV. And quite frankly, I got to go with only one child, which is right up there on the luxury list next to drinking a cup of hot tea without reheating it. Really.

So to the mama there with her twin boys who were getting their driver's licences, thanks for smiling at my kiddo and for telling your teenage boys that I am the picture of parenthood.  Bouncing a baby, easily swinging her from a front carry to back carry in the Tula all while taking the eye exam and paying for my license.  You got my kiddo to stop crying for a little bit, and hopefully you inspired your own children to think before making a choice that could result in becoming a teenage dad.  I appreciate you.

And to the understanding person administering the eye exam, thank you for being patient with me.  For repeating the instructions when my kiddo was screaming too loud in the ear for me to hear the first time.  Trust me, I was as eager to get out of your building as you were for me to leave.  But your smile made it easier.

And to anyone who judged me and wished I would just take my screaming baby and leave, I wish upon you a morning such as mine was this morning.  It will give you quite a bit of perspective. :)

Until next time~

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I think some of my favorite posts on the blog I read most often are the ones titled, "Currently."  Just a snapshot of what that blogging mama is up to and what she's into at the moment.  So here's my attempt at one of those posts:


- Loving Handy Manny.  Well, my kiddos are.  And so am I.  I love that they are picking up some Spanish words here and there.
- Wearing my hair up.  All. The. Time.  Because it's fast and easy.  Stick it in a pony that's flipped under and run out the door.
- Loving for the convenience factor.  You just can't beat getting some birthday shopping done after the kids are in bed.
- Picking up at least 20 washcloths at a time from the bathroom floor.  They all live in the bottom drawer in my bathroom and letting Gracie empty the drawer is about the only way I can get any makeup on. So washcloths everywhere it is!
- Drooling over these...  Too bad they were limited edition and seem to be sold out.

-Planning...little Gracie girl is almost ONE!  Where did the time go?  Party plans are under way!
-Wondering what a good way to end posts would be?  Some mamas have such cool ways of signing off...

As for me, it's time to do another load of laundry.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't let me forget....

I feel like I have one of the most challenging jobs around. Not at all a rare one... In fact most people share this job. the job of raising children well. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It's tough. There are days when I want to throw in the towel. There are days when I can't wait for bedtime.

But there are days when I am amazed. Amazed at how at the park, Honeygirl can help Sweet Pea up onto the swing and push her. Amazed that God has blessed me with the sweet little girl who comes to hug me and tell me she loves me, and will still love me "even when I get died."  Amazed that I get to parent the little one that says "thank you mama," in her sleep as I cover back up in the night. That I get to snuggle my baby as she peacefully falls asleep in my arms.

These are the things I want to remember when the day are long and difficult.  And again when they have grown.  Because as challenging as the days can be, they will be gone before I blink.  I know experienced moms say it all the time, and even though I'm only 5 years in, I know it to be true.  The days are long, but the years are short.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Intentional summer update

Well, for anyone who reads this blog, let it be known that although there isn't much evidence of it here, I've been continuing on with our "intentional summer." Here are some snap-shots from some of our adventures.

 We have explored new parks 
Gracie loves swinging with Mama!
 We have shared Pazookie

We have picked strawberries
(And lest someone think this is cruel child labor - let it be known that the girls have been asking when we can go again!  Next year, girlies.  Next year.)

 We have played with cousins like Winston

 We took another cousin to the zoo for her first ever visit!

 Gracie got to go swimming at the pool for the first time

 Unplanned and not fun, but still part of our summer... Honeygirl's first visit to the ER. 
Suspected appendicitis turned out to be a nasty virus that went away after some IV fluids, zofran and morphine.

 Friends came to stay over 4th of July.  Who knew 5 girls could fit in the playhouse outside?!

We have made very good use of our slip-n-slide, both at our house, and at a friend's house
4th of July was a perfect day of such activities, plus our bon-fire for s'mores before watching the fireworks.

 We have explored more parks

Gracie tried her first grilled cheese sandwich

 Sweet Pea, Gracie, and I checked out a local museum

 Honeygirl and Sweet Pea attended a week of Princess Ballet Camp.  

 Daddy went boating with Sweet Pea and Honeygirl for the first time!

 Another zoo adventure - this time with Grammie and a visit to the birdies

 Bike riding practice on her new bike, which she will proudly tell you Daddy bought on Craigslist!

Homemade pancakes during our girls' weekend while Daddy ran his first relay with coworkers.

In addition, the girls are in the midst of their second week of VBS this summer.  Honeygirl go to play "camp nurse" with Grandma for a couple days.  And we have had lots of impromptu parties hosted by the girls.  We are staying busy and having fun.