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Stay little, sweet baby

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. Maybe it’s because the water bearing down is the closest I’m getting to a massage anytime soon. Or maybe it’s because there are no little inquisitive minds asking a million questions while I try to multitask through a million other things. Whatever the case, the thinking is good. And in the past month or two,  my thoughts turned to upcoming changes for my family.

My kiddos have grown so quickly. I mean, the days are long. Don’t get me wrong. And some days feel like eons ago. But in another sense, I have no idea how they grew so quick. Have I really been a mama nine years?! Coming up on ten? How did that happen?  It also reminded me of times over the years that I have silently wished there was a way to keep my babies little. I don’t imagine I’m the first mama to wish it. I remember wishing they could stay itty bitty, sweet, and snuggly. That I could freeze time with them as babies. I remember talking to God and clarifying that freezing time …

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