Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can't believe how fast the time is flying.  Little One is already 7 weeks old.  And some of her 3 mo clothing is getting tight!  I love the newborn stage, but it seems to be disappearing so fast!  She's starting to smile more.  Mostly in the middle of the night when I'm feeding her or changing her.  Ahh, the sense of humor babies have.  Here I am trying to keep my eyes open and she's ready to play.  
This last week we had the chance to get together with some of our friends who have 6 and 7 mo old babies.  So fun to see how interactive they are!  Little Connor is all smiles and was expertly using both his hand and feet to play with his toys.  Eliana was smiling and copying the faces we made at her (like sticking her tongue out).  Hilarious to watch.  It will be fun to watch as our little one  becomes more interactive as well, but for the meantime, I'll enjoy each day as it comes. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleep (or lack there of!)

Why do babies like to be up at night?  What's so special about that time of day?  All day long Little One is fabulous.  Sleepy mornings.  Interactive smiles after lunch.  More sleeping in the afternoon.  Bath time and play time in the evening. And then comes the night.  Last night we were up until midnight, then up again from 2-5am.  And NOTHING would calm her down or entice her back to sleep.  Why oh why!  I'm loving being a mommy, but I think I'd love it more if sleep were a more regular part of my life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Little One is here!

Four weeks ago, Little One arrived. And life will never be the same. Fortunately, in spite of being a labor and delivery nurse, my labor went really well. I worked my last scheduled shift on Wednesday, then went home and started contracting. By 10pm I knew things were getting more intense and this was probably "the real thing." My wonderful husband still thought going to bed sounded like the best thing to do. So while he laid in bed, I tried to determine how much longer I could endure at home. By 12:30am, we were at the hospital. And at 6:57am, our little girl made her grand entrance.  Welcome to the world, Little One!