Christmas wonder

So I was in Target the other day, walking past the Christmas decorations in the back corner of the store where they have all the seasonal stuff. They were in the process of hanging all the ornaments the shelves and whatnot. Right in front of me were three Christmas trees up on a display. As I rounded the corner, I noticed a little girl, probably about two years old. She stood staring at the trees wide-eyed, mesmerized. Her mom was trying to get her attention, unsuccessfully. Finally, she said, "Honey, how about if we put a tree in our house?" The little girl's eye got even bigger as she looked at the trees, unmoved. "Our house?" she said.
"Yeah, in our house. Ready to go home now?"
The little girl finally pulled her eyes away and headed off with her mom. She was probably to small to remember the tree her family most likely had last year. So sweet to watch the wonder of a child as the see something for the "first" time again.


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