The Baby is Coming!

I know we hear it all the time: Pretend play is important.  It's something that is expected of three year olds. But sometimes I forget how vivid their stories can become!

Friday morning I was quietly eating my breakfast, having finished feeding both girls.  All the sudden, Honeygirl came running up to me.  "Mama! We need to go to the hospital right. now. The baby is coming!"
Huh?  What is she talking about?  Then I looked down.  Sure enough, there was a baby doll tucked securely up in her sweater.  And apparently it was about to come out.
I calmly informed her that after I finished my breakfast we could go.  In the meantime, she rounded up Sweet Pea and the travel vest.  As soon as the last bite had made it's way into my mouth, she was back and ready to go!
"Sweet Pea needs to wear the travel vest."  Okaaay.  We all held hands and walked to the living room, where Honeygirl promptly informed me that the couch was the hospital bed.  I told her to let us know when the baby was coming.  However, since she knows what I do for a living, she quickly informed me that I needed to be her nurse.  (I would love it if she still felt this way when she was actually old enough to be having a baby!)
After declaring that her temperature and blood pressure were good, Sweet Pea and I headed to the piano to entertain ourselves while we waited.  After all, every laboring mama needs music, right? Pretty soon, Honeygirl called for me, informing me the baby was coming!  She pulled it out of her sweater with a look of wonder on her face.  As the baby cried (courtesy of me!), I wiped it off and wrapped it up for her.  I wanted to laugh at how in love with his baby she looked.  I mean, it was just an elaborate pretend scene.  And yet, this little girl looked like someone who really had just experienced the wonder of birth.

Sometimes I just want to laugh at how different things play out at our house of girls.  Honeygirl's bestest little buddy C plays cowboy and tries to lasso his brother.  He loves rocket ships and cars and dinosaurs.  And my three year old gives birth a couple times a week.  Oh goodness! But I'm so thankful at how she was made.  My little compassionate, princess mama.


  1. What an imagination! That was a great little story - thanks for sharing! Livia (2.5 now) has started burping her babies since we have had Hazel - it's super cute to see her acting like a little mommy.


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