Monday, October 15, 2007

Early Monday

I tell you, there is nothing like a phone call just before 4am to jump start your day! I groggily answered and heard the cheerful voice of the night manager reminding me that I was on call and yes, they did need me to come in. Ahhh...the life of a nurse.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Why won't boys just ask for directions? No matter what the age, they like to be independent, finding their own way. They don't want advice. They don't want to follow everyone else. They want to take the "scenic route," if that's what they have to do to avoid asking for help.

A few weeks ago, I was taking care of a patient who was having a baby boy. Things were going along fine until the midwife came in to check the patient's progress. The look on her face told me things were not quite as she expected. She promptly told the patient she just needed to talk with the doctor quickly, but not to worry. The doctor came in and confirmed what the midwife thought: instead of the back of the head coming out first, this little guy was in position to come out nose first! That means his little neck was craned back like if you point your nose to the ceiling. Good grief! One thing's for sure, this kiddo will be an individual, wanting to go his own way! Why can't they just follow directions?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Created to be his Help Meet

For the first time in my life, I'm in a book club. We're reading "Created to be His Help Meet." Very interesting book. The basic gist is that as women we were created to be a helper to our husbands. Not that we have to wait on them hand and foot or be a doormat, but if we can do something to make their lives easier, we should. So in an attempt to improve our marriage and make him feel cared for, one of our assignments was to start a new habit that would please him in some way. I decided to start small and just do my best to smile first thing in the morning, and when he gets home from work in the evening. Being that I'm not a morning person and I'm generally tired from working all day by the time he walks in the door, this simple new habit is a challenge for me. But I've been doing my best. And the best part is that he noticed! He stopped me the other night to tell me he's noticed I've been happier lately. And that he feels like life is if I'm taking the pressure off by helping him with little things. (Yay! It's working!). He still hasn't connected it to the book club, but my efforts are working. Hurray!

Don't cage me in

Anyone else have a psycho dog? Calm is not a word in his vocabulary. "Lay down" is not a command he follows very well. Come to think of it, he'd really prefer not to respond to any command! So I really shouldn't be surprised that after leaving him in the garage for a couple hours (instead of leaving him in the pouring rain), he bolted out as soon as I opened the garage door! It was as if the neighborhood was a whole new playground to explore. So many yards to run though! Thankfully, no one was out in the rain to distract him (he was distracted enough as it was!). But it still meant that I got to start off my morning chasing the dog around the neighborhood until he realized I had treats in my hand. Rewarding a dog for coming back after ripping around all the neighbor's yards seems somewhat counterproductive, but at least it got him back where he needs to be. And I don't have to go to the gym now today because I already got my workout!