Don't cage me in

Anyone else have a psycho dog? Calm is not a word in his vocabulary. "Lay down" is not a command he follows very well. Come to think of it, he'd really prefer not to respond to any command! So I really shouldn't be surprised that after leaving him in the garage for a couple hours (instead of leaving him in the pouring rain), he bolted out as soon as I opened the garage door! It was as if the neighborhood was a whole new playground to explore. So many yards to run though! Thankfully, no one was out in the rain to distract him (he was distracted enough as it was!). But it still meant that I got to start off my morning chasing the dog around the neighborhood until he realized I had treats in my hand. Rewarding a dog for coming back after ripping around all the neighbor's yards seems somewhat counterproductive, but at least it got him back where he needs to be. And I don't have to go to the gym now today because I already got my workout!


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