So it seems like the time to really start blogging is when you have a child. At least that's what I've noticed happens with a lot of people. My friends that are moms all seem to have blogs filled with pictures of their kids and whatever is on their minds. But my friends who don't have kids...let's just say you're not going to find a blog for them. Is it because when you become a mom and start staying home you need an outlet to talk? Because it's easier than updating friends and family on a one-on-one basis? I guess I'll soon find out! Just 2.5 weeks until Little One is due to arrive. We'll see how close to the due date we get. :) Here's one of our ultrasound pictures of the little kiddo to tide you over until we have real photos.

Disclaimer: I love keeping up on my friends through their blogs! Although my firstborn has yet to arrive, I love to hear about the adventures of my other mommy friends. :)


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