Friday, January 11, 2008

"thank you"'s amazing how much two words can mean. A couple days ago I had the sweetest couple in labor. Yes, mom was breathing through the contractions, but as soon as one was over, she was smiling and talking about how excited she was to meet this little kiddo. And every time I did anything at all, she said thank you. So simple, and yet so wonderful to actually hear the words. Too often, people don't stop to say them. Every time I left the room, she thanked me for what I had done while there with her.
The best part for me, though, was when everyone else stepped out of the room. It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds that the two of us were alone, but she got my attention and said she really wanted me to know how much she appreciated having me there. She said I had made her feel so much more comfortable and she loved that I made sure she understood what was going on. "Thank you sooo much. You've taken great care of me!"
It's amazing how something so small could mean so much to me, but it did. I cherish words like that...affirming that I'm doing what I should be doing. I am where God wants me for a reason.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goals for 2008

1. Keep track of the books I read
2. Make a quilt
3. Put together a scrapbook of everything while we were dating/engaged before we have a baby.
4. Go to Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas this summer
5. Grow closer in my walk with the Lord
6. Have a baby or at least get pregnant
7. Try at least 4 new restaurants in the Portland area
8. Read more than just fiction
9. Send birthday cards BEFORE the birthdays com

Okay, that's good for now. We'll see how I do with that!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

unassisted birth

This morning on the news I saw a piece about how unassisted home births are becoming more popular. Yikes! That sounds scary to me! Women are saying that it gives them the control to do things the way they want to. Eat, drink, move around freely. Do you know that you can do that with a midwife taking care of you? At a hospital even? Sure, they are going to suggest a c-section if they think you or your baby are in grave danger. But don't you want to have a living baby...and to be alive yourself? I just don't get why you would risk to have your baby at home by choice when going to the hospital could prevent so many potential risks. But on top of that to not even have a trained professional with you?!? That seems beyond crazy to me! If you're going to risk it and stay home, at least have someone trained with you!

We're officially not moving

So this week, Dave turned in the form officially declaring that we are NOT moving to S. Carolina. I think this year will be characterized by TRUST. We're going to have to trust that what God has in store is best even though we have no idea what that might be. Trust that He provides the perfect job at the perfect time. Trust that finances don't become an issue. Trust that kids come at the right time. .....

Interesting that S. Carolina is having unexpectedly warm weather right now... Schools have been canceled or delayed the past few days in our area due to snow (although only rain is falling here). It's freezing cold and dreary. But S. Carolina has sunny, beautiful 75 degree weather. I'm trusting we made the right decision! :)