unassisted birth

This morning on the news I saw a piece about how unassisted home births are becoming more popular. Yikes! That sounds scary to me! Women are saying that it gives them the control to do things the way they want to. Eat, drink, move around freely. Do you know that you can do that with a midwife taking care of you? At a hospital even? Sure, they are going to suggest a c-section if they think you or your baby are in grave danger. But don't you want to have a living baby...and to be alive yourself? I just don't get why you would risk to have your baby at home by choice when going to the hospital could prevent so many potential risks. But on top of that to not even have a trained professional with you?!? That seems beyond crazy to me! If you're going to risk it and stay home, at least have someone trained with you!


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