the Announcement

For anyone who has not yet heard the news....

To tell our families the news, Honeygirl got to wear this cute little shirt for the first time. We were hoping to iChat with our out of state family members, but were unable to find a time that seemed to be working out according to our timeline. So, with the tech world that we live in, we texted a photo similar to this one. :) And for our family that lives nearby, we went out to dinner with them. After we were all seated at Red Robin, I took Honeygirl's sweater off and waited. And waited. It actually took a lot longer than I anticipated for the rest of the family to catch on! Aunt K caught it first and quickly leaned over to whisper to Uncle A. Grandma was sitting right across from Honeygirl, but still didn't notice. Finally, Aunt K asked Grandma if she had noticed Honeygirl's shirt. Of course, at the mention of her shirt, Honeygirl promptly pulled it up to show off her belly, making it impossible to read the front! Pretty funny. Eventually Grandma saw what it said, looked at us and said, "Are you trying to tell us something?!" Very fun. :)

As it turns out, the new little kiddo should be arriving just in time for Honeygirl's 2nd birthday.


  1. Congratulations!! #2 adds a totally new dimension to everything. My favorite thing is watching our little girl watch everything her big brother does. I hope they love each other this much as they get older.


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