No more crib for Honeygirl

Well, a couple weeks ago, Honeygirl decided to try climbing out of her crib. I happened to walk in, just as she made it over the edge and out. My husband wanted to see for himself, so he put her back to watch her climb out. The second time, she teetered on the edge, then fell back in. Regardless, we didn't really want to wake up to screams if she climbed out in the night or something and got hurt. So... the next day the front of the crib came off and my wonderful husband turned the crib into a toddler bed. This picture was taken right after the crib was officially converted to a toddler bed. Honeygirl was pretty excited. :) I, however, was pretty nervous, having heard a few horror stories from friends about kids who wouldn't stay in bed. However, we have apparently been blessed with an amazing child (we like to think this at least ;)) Although Honeygirl can climb in and out on her own just fine, she has not once done it without us in the room. This includes when she's awake and we just haven't made it in there yet. Wow! Not sure how long this will last, but it's nice so far! So another "last" has more crib for Honeygirl.


  1. We were also blessed with a great child....Hudson is 3 now and he still asks before he gets out of bed in the morning...and we didn't really have to "train" him at all. Congrats on your upcoming baby girl!


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