New House

It's official: we've moved out of our first house and into a new one. Chaos reigns these days, but I know things will settle down as we settle in (hopefully!). Little by little, things are getting put away and the house is feeling more like ours. Honeygirl is enjoying "helping" Mama get things put away. She *loves* emptying boxes and scattering the items throughout the house. Definitely a special challenge for me!

In other news, only about 8 weeks remain until we get to meet "Sprout." The goal is to be settled in this house before she makes her debut! I have to laugh as I look at the nursery though. A good friend is pregnant with her first baby, and at 15 weeks, has the nursery almost ready to go. Here I sit at 32 weeks: the dresser drawers are empty, the crib sits in the corner in pieces, and I'm not even sure where the screws are to put the crib back together! Good thing Sprout will be in the cradle in our room. Guess we better go retrieve that out of the attic in our old house soon... :)


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