Well, tomorrow is the big day. I'm 38 weeks +1 day today, and tomorrow is the day that I will be induced. I can honestly say I didn't think I would be a person who would ever be induced early. But I guess I am. I also thought that I could work up until the day before like I did with Honeygirl, but that wasn't the case this time. Pesky random bleeding. Fortunately, all has gone well in the past two weeks since then, and as far as we can tell, this little girl is perfect.

Honeygirl has been helping us prepare for her little sister. She's been asking Daddy to hold her like a baby after her bath:

And yesterday she decided to make sure the baby bath was functional:

Although I don't have photos, she's attempted to try on various baby clothes and hats as well. Hope she's ready for her world to change!


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