My "perfect" life

I think it was around the end of January that I commented my life seemed to be "too good." You know how sometimes you look around and it seems like everyone around you has big life stuff going on? And then you look at your own life and things seem to be going so well? Well, that was me. And I wondered when it was going to hit. I mean, you just can't get off that easy for too long. Sooner or later, something WILL happen. The Bible says, "Consider it all joy my brothers, WHEN you face trials of many kinds," not IF. So I've been waiting...

Well, since I made that comment, I forgot to renew one part of my certifications for work and consequently got "suspended" for two days. That would be two out of the three days they scheduled me for this month. Ugh. Well, at least I got to spend extra time with my girls. I love being home with them. Just a bummer that I only got to work one day..... Oh, and my "suspension" will go on my permanent record at work, which just sounds yucky. I took care of renewing everything within two days, but that's still two days late.

And Honeygirl has an inguinal hernia that will require surgery to fix. Bummer! I noticed a strange bulge on Saturday. I watched it through the weekend and did research on inguinal hernias because with my medical background, that's what I suspected. On Monday I talked to an advice nurse who made an appointment for us the next day. On Tuesday we went to the pediatrician, who referred us to a pediatric surgeon. Yesterday (Thursday) we went to a Children's Hospital about 40 minutes away and met with the surgeon, who then scheduled us for surgery. Whew! So March 7th will be the big day. Honeygirl has been a trooper and doesn't seem to be in any pain. I must say, I'm thankful that she has a positive view of hospitals and doctors! The girl *loves* her pediatrician, and knows that Mama and Grandma work at hospitals, which makes them happy places to her.

Oh, and potty training has been a big fat FAIL. I know Honeygirl will decide to train at some point, but apparently it's not now. Too many accidents and no desire to try to succeed. Grrr. Guess I'll just have two in diapers for awhile.

Funny how in spite of these things, I feel like everything depends on your outlook on life. Yes, these are hurdles, but they aren't insurmountable. Life is still very good. I got extra time with my girls and didn't have to wake up quite as early as I would to get to work. Potty training will happen eventually. And even though handing my baby over, knowing that she'll be under anesthesia is scary, I know the Lord will have His hand on her though it all. Yep, life is still good. :)


  1. Oh poor Honeygirl! So scary that she has to have surgery. I'm sure everything will go fine-just super scary for us mommies. PS I too have been suspended. =) Forgot to renew my CPR while I was on maternity leave.


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