Leaving on a Jet Plane...

I'm so proud of my little girls! Yesterday I did what only a crazy person would do - I flew by myself with my two "babies." Yes, we hauled ourselves to the airport, car packed to the gills, ready to take on the world. My MIL came along to help me get myself in the door and checked in. Yay for an extra set of hands! Let me paint you a picture: Sweet Pea straped to me in our trusty Ergo, Honeygirl in the stroller with her little backpack of goodies, the diaper bag and my breastpump stowed in the basket under the stroller, one giant suitcase, and two carseats. Whew! Yes, I'm ever so thankful I had an extra set of hands to help!

So off we went to the counter to check in. Fortunately, the lovely lady at Alaska Air was super friendly and helpful. She not only got our carseats bagged up for us, but she took care of our suitcase so we didn't have to lug it to the baggage security area. AND she gave my MIL a gate pass to help me get through security!!! Praise the LORD! Well, a second set of hands makes a world of difference when you're going through security. Afterall, not only do you have to stick all your bags in bins to go through "the machine," but the stroller has to be folded and put through, and so does the Ergo. So that means holding one baby and a toddler running free. Not to mention that even shoes one a 6 month old baby must be removed. Oh, and our sweaters, belts, and pocket contents..... Goodness. But with a second set of hands, everything went really well. So to everyone who was praying for us - I could tell. Thank you!

Next up was the flight itself. And again, God provided. There was a friendly man sitting behind me who loves kids and offered to help if I needed anything. The beauty of flying back home to a small town is that there is always the chance that you could run into some sort of acquantaince. Turns out, "Mike" grew up in the same small town and knew a lot of people I did. Fun to chat and a blessing to have someone who didn't mind Honeygirl popping up to say hi and throw her play-doh over the seat. ;) Very few tears were shed, and the flight went really well. People were even considerate in helping us get off the plane and loaded back into the stroller.

I don't think I could have possibly hoped for a better flying experience by myself with the two girls. Now we'll just have to see how the flight back goes. :)


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