In Honor of Mother's Day: to my Honeygirl

To my Honeygirl:

As a mom, I thought my role was to mold and shape you as a person. To teach you to love others and love God. Instead, I am realizing that it is me that is being molded and shaped, day after day. When we’ve had a frustrating day of butting heads, your ability to give me a big hug and kiss goodnight teaches me to forgive and forget. When you wake up the next morning chipper and ready for anything, you teach me that God’s mercies are new every morning. When you sing “Jesus Loves Me” in the middle of the store as only a two year old can, it teaches me not to put so much weight on what others think. When you excitedly thank me, without any prompting, for opening a can of play-doh , it teaches me to be thankful even for the little things in life. When you give your baby sister your blankie in an attempt to make her happy, it teaches me to care for others around me. And when you give your friend a hug, it reminds me how important it is to show our friends how much they mean to us. I’m so glad you were born and have shaped me into the person I am today. The lessons are far from over for both of us, but I’m glad God chose me to be your Mama, and that I have the pleasure of being taught by you.

love, Mama


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