Thursday, June 16, 2011

Messed up society

What has our society come to? Yesterday at work, a visitor came in with her toddler to visit a patient of mine. The little boy was probably just about two years old. He had his little plastic toy guy in hand, and like lots of toddlers, was shyly snuggling close to mom. In an effort to draw him out of his shyness, the mom said they played a fun game at home. She then encouraged her little boy to "shoot" the various people in the room. When he still shyly snuggled close, she then turned him toward me and encouraged him to "shoot the nurse." I had been trying to ignore the whole situation while taking care of the patient, but once she involved me, I couldn't just stand there. I looked at them and said, "We don't shoot people." You would think that maybe this would make the mom stop and think about what she was suggesting. Unfortunately, it didn't. The just made her encourage it more. "Shoot the nurse! Shoot the nurse!" Pretty soon, I had a little boy beaming in my direction, shooting his little toy guy to his heart's content right at me. The mom laughed as she told the patient that they enjoy this game so much at home. Afterall, they are teaching the boy that all he has to do is give the person a kiss to "wake them up" after he shoots them. What???

I left the room with the whole incident heavy on my heart. What kind of parent teaches their child to shoot at people? Is this common? I get that little boys like guns, but I thought part of gun safety was teaching that we never point guns at people. Wouldn't this make sense to teach from the start? I hope this child is never in a situation where he accidentally comes across an unlocked, loaded gun. Based on what he's learning at home, the results would be horrific.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Pea - 8 months

Not sure where the time is going. I mean, some days just seem to drag and yet, somehow, my little Sweet Pea is already 8 months old. How can this be? She can stand with minimal support, and as of a few days ago, can scoot around quite effectively! It's more of an army crawl at this point, but she's getting quick! Good thing my wonderful husband installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs! I'm ever so glad it's there! She's full of smiles and can keep herself occupied with toys by herself for quite awhile. She's definitely different than her sister. She's eating a whole variety of pureed foods, but has not been impressed with my attempts at foods that aren't pureed as smooth as store bought stuff. She still loves her exersaucer and jumparoo, but is happiest when she is on the floor crawling and playing with her sister's toys.

8 months and cute as can be :)

Yummy berries!

Look at me! I can stand!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Realities of Potty Training

Where are the blog entries about the realities of potty training? You know, the ones that say, "It's now day 65 of the potty training process and it stinks (literally). Hang in there; don't lose hope! Some day your child really will get it." The only other blog entries I have come across share how all eight of their children potty trained in three days or less. And of course, they are sure that your child too will train just a fast if you just follow their tips. Well I'm hear to tell you that I have tried every tip, idea, treat and bribe in the book. And we are roughly on day 65 or so of the process. Today I was rewarded with a number 2 in the panties, two accidents leaving puddles on the floor and at least one other pair of wet panties. Oh, and it's not even noon yet. Ugh. My only hope is that with as bright as my child is, it HAS to click someday.

In other news, I sat my 8 month old Sweet Pea on the toilet after she nursed and she promptly peed. At least one of the girls was successful this morning!