Sweet Pea - 8 months

Not sure where the time is going. I mean, some days just seem to drag and yet, somehow, my little Sweet Pea is already 8 months old. How can this be? She can stand with minimal support, and as of a few days ago, can scoot around quite effectively! It's more of an army crawl at this point, but she's getting quick! Good thing my wonderful husband installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs! I'm ever so glad it's there! She's full of smiles and can keep herself occupied with toys by herself for quite awhile. She's definitely different than her sister. She's eating a whole variety of pureed foods, but has not been impressed with my attempts at foods that aren't pureed as smooth as store bought stuff. She still loves her exersaucer and jumparoo, but is happiest when she is on the floor crawling and playing with her sister's toys.

8 months and cute as can be :)

Yummy berries!

Look at me! I can stand!


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