Realities of Potty Training

Where are the blog entries about the realities of potty training? You know, the ones that say, "It's now day 65 of the potty training process and it stinks (literally). Hang in there; don't lose hope! Some day your child really will get it." The only other blog entries I have come across share how all eight of their children potty trained in three days or less. And of course, they are sure that your child too will train just a fast if you just follow their tips. Well I'm hear to tell you that I have tried every tip, idea, treat and bribe in the book. And we are roughly on day 65 or so of the process. Today I was rewarded with a number 2 in the panties, two accidents leaving puddles on the floor and at least one other pair of wet panties. Oh, and it's not even noon yet. Ugh. My only hope is that with as bright as my child is, it HAS to click someday.

In other news, I sat my 8 month old Sweet Pea on the toilet after she nursed and she promptly peed. At least one of the girls was successful this morning!


  1. sawyer is a month away from 4 and he is just now waking up in the morning and saying that he wants his underwear on. accidents are rare. i felt like i was beating my head on a wall trying to get this potty training thing to happen and felt like a crappy mom that he was almost 4 and was tired of hearing that he will get it. i just wanted people to be behind me and understand my frustration about him not going and why. it's such a frustrating process. i feel you


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