To my Honeygirl


I am amazed by you.  You are growing so quick!  You use words like "enormous" and "humongous" when you are describing things.  You willingly give your sister hugs and you let her sit on your lap.  You call me "Sweetie Pie" when you're trying to smooth things over after misbehaving or when I'm worked up about something. You are learning to do puzzles on your own.  You can identify all your letters and can write some of them.  I've seen you write "MOM" "DAD" and your own name.  You are learning important things like your address, safety rules, and that you have to stay in your room until there is a "7" on your clock in the morning. You are learning to make your bed, and to use the computer for your preschool program.  And you have given up your nap.
We have plenty of challenges, but together we're learning.   I'm learning what form of disciple works best for you and you're learning that each choice you make has a consequence.  I'm learning patience and you're learning consistency and that I will follow through.  You are learning that if you are mean to your sister, she will probably be mean back (or scream in your ear).
I am also learning that you are a compassionate person.  I love seeing that come out in you.  A few weeks ago we saw a homeless person a street corner and shared a granola bar with her.  That resulted in a tough conversation about how not everyone has a nice home like us.  A week later, we went past a house that is under construction that you have correctly labeled "enormous."  After explaining to you that we will NOT be moving in there, you wanted to know if maybe the lady from the street corner could move in with other boys and girls that don't have houses to sleep in too.  Ach, that made me so proud.  I love that you remembered that lady and wanted a solution for a situation that seems so unfair to you.  I can't wait to see how your compassionate heart will play out as your future unfolds.

I know I told you today when we were reading stories at rest time, but don't want you to ever doubt it: I love you, Honeygirl.  And I am so glad I get to be your mama.


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