Naptime weaning

I wrote this back on April 26th...

After being away for a couple days, it seemed like a good time to wean Sweet Pea from her nap time mama milk.  When I'm around, this is a non-negotiable snack for her.  After lunch, we go up to her room and rock in the rocking chair while she nurses.  And there is No. Way. she is about to miss out.  But if I'm at work, she goes down for a nap without milk.  No problem at all.  So I decided that after three days without me, maybe we could just faze it out.  Monday came.  The time for nap time came.  And the screaming tantrum began.  To say that Sweet Pea wasn't on board with this plan is an understatement!  She was royally ticked off!  After attempting to rock without success, I put her in the crib where she quickly started reaching for whatever she could to throw.  Did I mention she was ticked?  I went back downstairs to take a deep breath and wait.

Honeygirl was waiting downstairs for me.
Honeygirl:  Why is Sweet Pea crying?
me: Because she didn't get her nap time milk.
H: Why not?
me: Because she's getting bigger and doesn't need it anymore.
H: Is she only going to have it at bedtime now?
me: Well, bedtime and in the morning too.
H: But Mommy, Sweet Pea *likes* it.  (sad face with bottom lip sticking out for extra effects)  Poor Sweet Pea. (pause)  Poor Sweet Pea.

Glad to know I have an empathetic child!

Update:  Sweet Pea now reads two stories with me and Honeygirl at nap time, then snuggles into bed with her paci, blankie, and monkey.  No crankiness at all.  And somewhere along the way, she forgot about morning milk too.  So bedtime is our only time now.  But there is No. Way. she is about to give that up.  When I tried to talk to her about getting to be a big girl, she insisted, "baby!"  My baby isn't about to wean at bedtime, and that's okay with me.


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