Oi, the day I wrote this was a hard day for me.  But I think I'm ready to actually post this now.  Good grief - reading it again still makes me tear up.  And tonight Sweet Pea grew up just a little more.  Her first night without her paci.  Here's hoping the night goes okay!

written Saturday, December 22, 2012

Earlier today, you crawled into my lap as we sat on the stairs together.  "Mommy milk my fav-it."  You grinned at me.  Melt. My. Heart.  Oh, my little Sweet Pea, I'm not ready for you to grow up.  Already 27 months.  I can't believe we have been enjoying sweet milky bedtime snuggles all these months.  I feel so blessed.  And it's especially special now that I know how you feel.  I mean, I would like to think that every little one loves their mama's milk. But to hear it from your lips?  Hearing it is so precious.

So tonight was tough.  For the second time in my life, nursing has become highly uncomfortable.  The only other time was when I was nursing Honeygirl and had recently found out you were on the way.  It's happened again.  And although you are nowhere near ready to be done, I think it might be best.  But it still breaks my heart.  So as you snuggled only my lap in the rocking chair tonight and again sweetly said, "Mommy milk my fav-it!," I softly broke the news to you.  With tears streaming down my face, I told you that you have become a big girl and it's time to say good to mommy milk.  My tears may have been silent, but yours were not.  They were clearly filled with grief.  My poor baby.

I will always cherish the 27 special months we had.  And our snuggles won't end here - don't worry.  They will just look a little different.  Remember, Sweet Pea, I will always love you.


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