23 week update

Big News!  I had my follow-up appointment with MFM on Monday.  I firmly believe in the power of prayer, but I also believe God has the right to sometimes answer with, "No."  For the past 5-6 weeks, I've been praying my placenta would move and that my pesky hemorrhage would reabsorb.  Now, the side benefit of having these things is that I've seen some amazing ultrasound photos of my little kiddo, and I've been only allowed to work lactation shifts at work.  I love helping mamas with breastfeeding, so this has been pretty cool for me.  In spite of this, I've been hoping everything would resolve.
So Monday we went in.  Baby looks great.

And...everything has resolved!  God answered my prayers (and the prayers of many others- thanks if you were one of them)!  We are very thankful because this also means I now have clearance to go on our upcoming family vacation.  I would have been super bummed to miss out on our family trip to Maui, but I also want to make safe choices.  Now I get to go.  So let the planning truly begin!


  1. It's been a week since you posted this but I just read it. I am so blessed that the Lord honored our prayers and answered with moving the placenta! God is amazing! We wish you the very best time with your family on vacation! We love you so very much ~ momma & dad


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