30 weeks

The weeks have been ticking by... I'm now 3/4 of the way through my last pregnancy.  Wow!  Only 10 weeks or so to go!  Here's the low-down:

How big is baby? Roughly the size of a head of cabbage - about 3 lbs and 15.5 inches long
Weight gain?  I'm up 27 lbs at this point.  Pretty average for the way my pregnancies go.
Maternity Clothes? Yup!  With every pregnancy, I've borrowed clothes from someone different.  This time, I've borrowed a lot from my dear friends Demetria and Gretchen
Movement? Yup!  Lots!  She loves to kick on the upper right side.  That's definitely her spot. And sometimes my entire belly seems to twitch with all her movement.  I can't help but wonder what she's up to in there!
Food cravings?  ice cream.  And spicy stuff...like mexican food.  But neither of those things are out of the norm for me. ;)
What am I looking forward to? Looking forward to getting rid of this nasty cough I have (no one else in the family has gotten it, so I wonder if it's somehow pregnancy related?)
Shopping for? nothing much!  There's really not much we need since it's baby girl #3.  And my mom and sister said they want to have a little shower for me, so I'm thinking I should probably not be buying things at this point. I did however, make some liquid baby soap this week.  I'll have to post about that experiment. :)
Reading: the memoir of a midwife...can't remember the actual name of the book.
Milestones? I've made up my mind...although I'm totally happy with how my other two births went, I'd like this one to be different.  I talked to my midwife and got the go-ahead for a water birth!  As soon as I signed up for the class, I felt settled like it was the right decision.  Exciting!


  1. you look fantastic. so very cute. can't wait to see pics of your third sweet sweetie.


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