The things they say...

Favorite comments from lately....

me: Do you know what tomorrow is?
Honeygirl: August 5 - your birthday!  And baby's birthday!
me: Well, my birthday, but baby's birthday is August 1st
Honeygirl: You mean we missed her birthday?!

Honeygirl: You have too many kids.  You should get rid of one.
me: Who would we get rid of?
Honeygirl: Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea: (from the other room and with a worried look on her face) Don't get rid of me!
me: Don't worry - we are not getting rid of you.  You are staying here with us.
Honeygirl: Well, then maybe the baby.
me: What does the baby eat?
Honeygirl: Oh....she eats mommy milk.
me: So she probably needs to stay with me so she doesn't get too hungry, don't you think?
Honeygirl: Yeah.
me: So should we get rid of you? Where would you go?
Honeygirl: Don't get rid of me!
me: Then maybe we should just keep everyone.  What do you think.
Honeygirl: Yeah, I guess so

Sweet Pea, while holding the baby: Mama, she's so special.


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