Interview with Sweet Pea

Written shortly after her birthday in September, in honor of turning three:

An interview with Sweet Pea. 

Favorite color? Pink and white
Favorite food? Chocolate milk, and macaroni and cheese
Favorite snack? Crackers
Bedtime buddies? "Clara" the baby doll and her blue blanket
Favorite show? Daniel Tiger with mama, coloring, playing mama with her baby dolls, going to the library. 
Favorite outfit? Leggings with a dress or shirt and her pink sparkly Toms. 

This big three year old has given up naps, thinks she is big enough to hold her baby sister without help (she's not!), and knows how to turn on the waterworks to help her get her way. But she is also super polite and so loving ("mama, I will always love you, even if you get died." - not sure what I think of this!).

I love you Sweet Pea! 


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