DIY body butter

I'm at it again...creating something not because I'm saving a ton of money and certainly not because I have a ton of time. But because I like knowing what's in the product I'm using and because I feel like I have accomplished something when I create something that is successful! As a mama, a lot of times I just feel like I am spinning my wheels.

So this morning, I am whipping up a batch of body butter again. I have had quite a bit of success with a recipe I discovered courtesy of Pinterest. This morning I am following that recipe pretty close, and we will see how the body butter turns out. But to be honest, I'm REALLY happy with how my own version has turned out. Here's my recipe:

2 T Shea butter (bought a lb of it on amazon for pretty cheap)
1 T coconut oil
5-10 drops essential oil of choice 

Put the Shea butter and coconut oil in a glass jar and microwave for 30 second intervals until it is completely melted. Add the essential oil and stir it all up. Then leave it on the counter to cool. I often put a cool pack under it to speed up the cooling process.  When it cools, it will also solidify again. Then it is ready for you to enjoy, or give to someone else as a gift!


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