SNOW! It doesn't happen real often around here, so when it does, the whole world stops.  Events are canceled, church services are canceled, daddy gets to stay home from work.  It's pretty great.  Here's what our day looked like on Friday. 

It all started Thursday. Around 3pm, the snow started to stick, and by bedtime we had a beautiful winter wonderland outside our windows.

7:45am:  My sweet husband was off to the store to see if he could buy a sled or two before every store in town was sold out.
8am: The girls were ready to play in the snow.
8:15am: After helping them get all bundled up, they were finally ready to go play
8:35am: They were cold and were headed back in to warm up!
8:45am: Daddy was home with two sleds...ready to play anyone?
9:30am: Headed to a snowy hill a few houses down to try out the sleds
10am: back to the house, done with sledding and ready for snacks due to all the fun in the snow.

11:30am: out for a family walk in the snow on the trail behind our house!
12:30: lunch
1:30: time to rest up for the afternoon. (Also when Honeygirl 'fessed up to giving her baby doll a haircut.  Now I know why she was asking about the baby nail clippers.  And now I know why I will be hiding them in the future!)
3:30pm: rest time was over.  Honeygirl was ready for more fun in the snow! Bundled back up and had a blast as snow started falling once again.
4:30pm: "Can we have a snow day now?"  Ummm...what do you think we've been doing all day?!? Decided that a snow day isn't complete without a movie, so we turned on Emperor's New Groove curtesy of Netflix for the first time.  Love listening to the laughter!
5:30pm:  Pizza from Papa Murphy's.  Perfect food on a fun snow day!

The snow continued on Saturday, followed by freezing rain. As of today, all local schools are still closed. Word on the street (not that I have left the house!) is that there will be a 2.5hr late start tomorrow, and then children will finally be back to the grindstone. Not that it will really affect us here. 


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