The things they say

Some of Sweet Pea's current vocabulary:

Paginia (Virginia)
Nack-um (napkin- same as her sister!)
Errr (ear)
Fweets (sweets)
I love you even if you get died. 
Fwimming lessons (we have been really practicing the "sssss- wim")
Movie: this is any episode of anything (ie Daniel Tiger, Curious George, etc) that can be found on Netflix 

It seems to me that she has a crazy- advanced vocabulary, so I know it's only a matter of time before she sorts out the pronunciation of these words too. 

(Lest you think my children are all perfect geniuses, let it be known that Sweet Pea can only identify "C" "J" and "M" and none of her numbers. So far, no amount of working with her has changed this. She however, can sing "ABCDEEE".). :)


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