Welcome to the land of Laryngitis

In case anyone was wondering, it's not a good idea to get laryngitis when you have 3 littles who are all 5 and under.  Not that getting laryngitis is ever a good idea.  But it's feeling particularly difficult in this stage of life.  See, I live with some little interrogators.

Mama, why is the sky blue?
Mama, what's for dinner?
Mama, when are we going to have lunch? (asked about 30 minutes after we finished eating lunch)
Mama, what are we going to do today?
Mama, how are shadows made?

Yep, these questions are for real.  And are especially wonderful when said mama's voice is so messed up that the question must be repeated 3 times with some extra "what?," "WHAT? I can't hear you, mama!"'s in there.  Yep.  Pretty great.

Oh, and little miss Gracie has had a cough for what I thought was almost 2 weeks.  And it just isn't getting better.  It's probably fine, but I can feel it rattle under my hands when I put them on her rib cage.  Not good.  Oh, and the more I think about it, that cough has been around for about a month.  Yikes.  So to the the doctor we went.  Poor little miss has an ear infection!  (Not what I was expecting.) We might wait it out, except that we've already waited nearly a month.  Poor baby.  So here we go with her first ever round of medication.  Sticky pink amoxicillin flavored like bubble gum.  She's not so sure she's a fan, but we're getting most of it in.

So here's the reality.
Frozen has become our daily friend.  Yep, my children are watching a feature-length Disney movie every day right now. And singing "Let it Go" as if their lives depended on it like most little girls these days.
Laundry sits piled high on the couch.  Hey, I would like to point out that at least I'm getting it clean - just not yet folded and put away.
Toys litter the floor in all but one room of the house.  (In my room they just line the wall.)
And dinner is of the frozen variety.

Which brings to me to one other thing:  When you are feeling fine, freezing up an extra portion of dinner big enough to feed your family is a fabulous thing!  I do this on a regular basis.  Which means that when I feel like crud, I can at least rely on freezer meals instead of slaving away in the kitchen as I mix up some germ-infested food for my family that I have coughed all over.

So there you go.  A slice of reality right now.  Not pretty, but it's the real stuff. 


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