Happy Birthday, Honeygirl

Good grief, you are growing up fast, Honeygirl.

You are learning to be a good helper.
I'm pretty sure your littlest sister sees you as a second mama.
You are learning to share with Sweet Pea and care about the people around you.
This morning you said that since you got a new skirt for your birthday, maybe your old one could be given to the orphanage.  That made my mama heart melt.  I love that you are learning to think of others!
You are becoming quite the artist. I love seeing your self-portraits.
You still love watermelon and tacos.  Not together, but they are your favorite foods.
And you are LOVING school.  Not that I am surprised in the least.
You think riding the bus is awesome and routinely tell me that I can just stay on the porch because you can walk to the bus stop on your own just fine.
And now that school life has begun, you've made friends in your class and on the bus.
Playdates with school-mates have begun.
Thought-provoking questions continue.
And of course, you are still adventurous, silly, and fun-loving.

I'm so thankful that six years ago, God gave us you.  A surprise little girl born just before 7am.  I will always love you.  No matter what.

Happy Birthday Honeygirl!


  1. Love your list of things to remember about your honey girl at age 6!


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