Goals of 2014 revisited

This past year, I set the following goals: 

1. Follow the One Year Bible readings for the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

2. Should I try again for 12 books in a year? It shouldn't be that crazy hard, but at the moment it sounds kinda overwhelming. 

3. Figure out how to menu plan for a month. Or at least two weeks at a time instead of just one.

4. Figure out how to be a more gentle mama in my parenting.  

And I picked the words "gentle" and "Christ-like" as key words to strive for in my daily life. 

So here's the follow-up: 
1. I successfully followed and kept up with the Bible reading I wanted to do. Over the past two years, I read through everything at least once, which is something I really wanted to accomplish. 

2. I read 19 books in their entirety (and started a few others). Two were nonfiction and the rest were fiction. Can you tell where my preference lies?!

3.  Still pretty much menu- planning one week at a time, but occasionally getting at least part of the second week done. 

4. Hmmm...got some work to do on being a gentle mama. Good reminder that I set that goal!

It's kinda crazy looking back at the end of the year and realizing that you have completely forgotten the goals you set because you haven't revisited them at all. Maybe a goal for this year should simply be to revisit the goals I set from time to time! 


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