Goals for 2015

A new year, time for some new goals.  And a new word.  Last year, my key words were


Not feeling like I did the most stellar job with those.  So I can definitely keep working in those areas. And funny how we get things in our heads... as I was reflecting on last year, I totally thought the word I had picked was SIMPLIFY.

I love that word.  And I think it needs to always be part of my life.  But the word that has really been on my  mind lately is


I want to be intentional about how I spend my time.
about how I interact with my kids
about how I interact with my husband
I want to be intentional about how we spend our money and what we fill our home with.
And what we purge out of our home.
I want to be intentional about whose lives I'm pouring into
And who I allow to pour into mine.
And I want to be intentional about choosing to be joyful because as Mama, I know I set the tone around our home.

So here's to a year of learning to be intentional.

Other goals:
1. Continue learning to menu-plan for 2 weeks at a time
2. Read 12 books.  I know I totally blew past that in 2014, but I do a lot of reading while nursing and I know that nursing will eventually stop before the year is out.  (cue the tears now!)
3. Get rid of something at least once a week in order to simplify.  Donate. Sell. Give away. Throw away.  Whatever. Just get it out of the house!


  1. love love love all of this
    what a great word. so beautifully said and put
    I saw your post over on my spot. thank you. I got the journal from target. it was a set of three. one of the other ones I used as my advent journal and the other one I gifted for a mug swap. (a mug was involved too) :)


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