Sleep baby, sleep

It feels like so long since this has happened. In reality, probably only a month or so. But it used to happen every night. And I loved it. 

Nursing my babies to sleep has been so wondrous. I love being able to comfort them and help them relax. I love looking into their eyes, holding heir hands, rubbing their backs, snuggling them close. I know our days are becoming numbered and it's bittersweet. Somewhere in the last month, nursing after naptime has pretty much gone to the wayside. Gracie Girl will ask occasionally, or I will offer if she is wildly out of sorts, but most days, one milky snuggle is all that's left. 

It's easy to spend the time one-handedly checking email and Facebook on my iPhone, but one of these days, she'll be done and I will miss it. Tonight, I took the time to cherish the moments. 


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