Mother's Day in kindergarten

Mother's Day takes on a whole new dimension with Honey Girl in school. I got invited to my first ever Mother's Day lunch! And since Honey Girl has one of the best kindergarten teachers around, it was pretty special. 

Invitations were sent home. 
Honey Girl made sure I could come. 
As each mom arrived, the corresponding child jumped up from the rug to greet their mama. 
We each were given a beautiful (made by the teacher!) tissue paper corsage that our child taped around our wrists. 
The class sung an adorable song about how much they love their moms, complete with hand motions. 
Each mom received a photo of their child holding a bouquet of flowers, that the teacher took earlier in the week. 
I was also given an info sheet on myself- always entertaining.  
And the most precious- a book titled "The Top 10 Things I Love About my Mom."
Plus of course we got to squeeze ourselves between kids at their tables and eat the peanut butter sandwiches we had all packed. 

Honestly, eating a peanut butter sandwich off my lap, cramped for space, it was still the best lunch of the week for me. What a treat to have lunch at school with my big girl. 


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