1st day of school

It's hard to believe it's our second year of having two kiddos going to "school." Honeygirl's big concerns were whether her bus driver and bus number would be the same.  And of course who her friends would be this year.  One of the downfalls of attending such a large public school is that there are only a few kids in her new class that she knows.  None of which were close friends from last year.  But God always provides.  We talked about how she might make friends with someone she just didn't know last year, or there might be someone who was new to the school who would need friends.  Both were true!  She's made a couple new friends in her class, one of which is a new transplant from the Midwest and shares a lot of her same interests.

Sweet Pea started her second year of preschool today.  She was just excited to go! She was excited to find out that one of her best little buddies from last year is still in her Wednesday class.  Tomorrow we will find out who she knows in her Thursday class.  And she proudly came home announcing she had made a new friend - not surprising, a boy.  Funny enough, it's a little boy that goes to our church, but she has never connected with him there.  She was pretty excited that find out we already know the family!

And Gracie girl and I went to our first school meeting of the year today, where I met a super sweet mama that I'm excited to get to know.  It turns out that her daughter is one of Honeygirl's new friends.   And she had her other little girl who just turned one in a Tula! Yep, new friend for sure. ;)


  1. I love the way you refer to your girlies as Honey Girl, Sweet Pea, and Gracie Girl! Sweet!


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