2016 goal

So here we are in July. July, people. And did I ever put my goals for the year in writing? Well, apparently not. 

Wellll...not entirely true. I started writing them out. I just never exactly finished. But because I like to look back at the end of the year to see how the year went, I'm gonna finish this! 

January 2016

"There are plenty of problems in life that can weigh you down and cause you to become discouraged, but God wants to provide the strength and power you need to be victorious in every battle of life. Such a relationship requires that you seek God like never before."
-Joyce Meyer

For 2016, my word/phrase is "balance with grace."  I know I have what sometimes seems like a rediculous amount on my plate. I've joked that the song words "Lord I need thee, oh I need thee, every hour I need thee" are not accurate. It's every MINUTE that I need Him! And while I'm joking, some days it rings very true. 

I don't know exactly what balance with grace looks like. I guess I envision balancing all that life throws at me, gracefully. Not losing my mind. Keeping my cool in the midst of crazy. I'm hoping that even just the fact that I picked this phrase will help me find balance this year. I think it has the potential for being a wild ride if I'm not careful. 

So there we go.  I'm putting it on paper. Now we will see if I can live it out. 


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