Flying with littles

As I write this, we are flying home from our longest vacation ever. Twelve days. Holy shmolie. It's gone incredibly well. No complete disasters. Overall, attitudes and behavior have been good.

Being a family of five, and no longer having "lap children" on the plane, we can't all sit right next to each other. So we have tried out different configurations for this trip. At the moment, my dear husband and the older two are sitting right behind me. This works out well for him, because they are willing to sit and watch a movie even though he's got two out of three of the kids. And when they do need something, or course they poke their little fingers between the seats and jab at me. Even though the answer is probably "ask your dad."  Because I'm the mom. Gracie girl is sitting between me and a gracious business man who has put up with a lot of singing and feet in his side. Not to mention, the girl has terrible gas. Sorry to everyone near us! Gracie girl is reveling in having my full attention for hours on end...I don't think we've gone more than 20 seconds during the entire flight when she didn't want my attention for someting, or need something. Jeepers. Thankfully, our seat mate didn't notice when she pulled up her shirt, tucked her baby close and announced that Baby Maggie was "hungry por mommy molk." We covered Baby Maggie with a blanket while Gracie rocked her, and wiled away at least three minutes of the flight. And then there was the moment out of the blue where she said, "Mommy, I luz you so berry much!"  This flight is feeling forever long right now, but these little moments are priceless!


  1. Gracie girl is such a precious little one! Seeing this photo with her very short bangs (courtesy her loving sister) makes me realize they are growing out and finally look somewhat normal! Her comments with "f" being pronounced as "p" are priceless! Love this little one!


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