Dear Gracie girl

Sweet Gracie girl, you are growing up so darn fast.  Today, as I listened to you praying at lunchtime, I heard you pronounce all the words correctly.  Even your "f" sound.  No more "plip-plops" and "ping-ers."  You can say flip-flops, floor, food, Father, and fingers just fine.  If I call you my baby love, most of the time you correct me and tell me you are my big girl now.  You tell me that Sweet Pea can be my baby love if I really still need one.  You sleep in the same room as your sisters and definitely want to be one of the big kids.  You are nearly as eager as your sisters to run down the street to play with friends.  And this morning I noticed that you actually put your shoes on the right feed without help!

You know a ton of songs and sing all day.  I think one of my favorites right now is "Good morning God, this is your day.  I am your child, show me your way."  When I asked you about this song I had never heard before, you proudly told me that you learned it at bible study.  You love going to bible study (BSF) with Grammie!  And you are learning verses in Awana.  A few weeks ago, you even asked if I wanted to see Jesus.  You quickly lifted your shirt and pointed at your chest, saying to me, "See? He's right here, Mama!"  I love your sweet heart!  May you never lose that tenderness for Jesus.

In spite of you being the caboose to our family and not getting a ton of help on counting and ABC's, you have learned to count to 10 and recognize your numbers.  And to my surprise, last week, you correctly identified multiple ABC's.

You're crazy tall for a three year old (just like your sisters!).  And your hair reaches your waist since it's never been cut and you don't want it touched.  It looks gorgeous in braids though! You are an amazing little mama to the legions of baby dolls in this house.  It's not uncommon for a doll highchair to be found next to your seat at the table, or a baby strapped to your back as you go about your day.  The doll stroller you got for Christmas was a slam dunk.  You had the best reaction when you opened it, knowing immediately it was the one from Costco that you've been eyeing for months.

You are growing so fast.  Sometimes I just want to rewind the clock and gather you into my lap as a little baby.  I want you to snuggle in and fall asleep on my chest.  But the days are going to keep flying by.  So I better hurry up and cherish each of these precious moments.

Playing "Sandwich Stacker" together


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