Prayer is to Faith what Breathing is to Life

"Prayer is to faith what breathing is to life." 

The morning started out feeling overwhelmingly challenging.  Unfortunately, there have been a lot of those mornings lately.  Emotions are high and having any expectation seems to be too much.  But I'm told this is just life with girls, and I don't imagine it will get any easier any time soon. By the time everyone was out the door, I was barely holding it together.  My sweet middle kiddo looked me in the eyes and asked why I was so sad.  I hope she's just as intuitive when it comes to others around her.  She has the ability to make a big difference just by caring. 

Feeling overwhelmed, I grabbed my two Bibles: the one with my maiden name on the front, and the one with my married name.  I've decided that I want all the notes from my original one transferred to my current one because I value those insights.  The next book to transfer over was 1 Thessalonians.  And it spoke right to my heart. Hebrews 4:12 says "For the word of God is alive and powerful." So true! I love how God can orchestrate life so that what appears to just be the next section of reading becomes exactly what I need at that time.  Many would say coincidence, but I say God had his hand in it. He orchestrates things better than I could ever dream up.  

Do you have days like that? I never cease to be amazed at how everything can come together so perfectly.  That day where I was meaning to read my Bible, but just didn't make time for it?  Well, because of that skipped day, the right verse was in front of me when I needed it.  If I had made time to read that other day, I Thessalonians would have landed in front of me a day earlier.  And it just might not have been as meaningful. Who knows.  But I know I'm thankful for a God who knows my heart and exactly what I need at just the moment I need it.  


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