More snow

Well, the snow has continued (and I think so has the continuous storm coverage on TV).  The view out the front windows is absolutely gorgeous now.  Not something I have a desire to drive in, but that's okay because my husband took my suv to work anyway.  Our driveway is hardly sloped, but it's the biggest "hill" in our flat neighborhood, so all the kids have been attempting to sled down it.  One of the boys dutifully came over to ask permission to use our driveway as the "sledding hill."  Of course we said yes.  In watching them, I think the biggest challenge is to get the sled to actually move on an almost flat surface.  Rather entertaining to observe! 

 According to my latest measurements, it looks like we're right at 10 inches of snow.  We must be close to the melting point right now because we're growing huge icicles off the roof.  We have icicle lights in the truest sense this year!


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