Blessed to be home

Today I'm supposed to be studying for neonatal resuscitation re-certification while Little One naps.   Ugh, there are so many other things I would rather be doing!  But since I don't really have a choice, I'm going to take a moment to be thankful that I've been able to be home with Little One for the past three months.  Tomorrow will be my first venture back to work (to do the re-certification).  It has been FABULOUS being home with her.  Yes, some days are rough, but I love been a mommy.  I'm so thankful that I have had the chance to be home for a full three months with her.  And I'm thankful that I'm only going back to work about 6 days a month!  What a blessing that the schedule of a nurse can be so flexible. :)  Now I just have to get my NRP done, and I can go back to work.  A little odd studying for "resuscitation of the depressed newborn" when I haven't even been at a normal delivery since the day Little One arrived (and I don't think that even counts because I was the one on the bed - not the nurse!)  We'll see how it goes! 


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