Extra grandmas

For over a year, I've been going to a retirement home on Thursday mornings to volunteer.  Originally, I put together a library for them.  Ever since, I've been maintaining it and organizing all the new books that get donated.  Somewhere along the way, I started helping with "nail care" as well.  There is another volunteer, Virginia, that comes on Thursdays to file and paint fingernails.  The grandmas love it!  

Week after week during my pregnancy, the grandmas all tracked my progress.  They wanted to know how I felt, what gender I thought the baby would be, and if I was ready for the little one to arrive.  Now that Little One is here, we try to go visit every few weeks.  Due to Christmas, New Year's, and our snow storm, we haven't been in about a month, but today we made it.  Everyone was thrilled to see us! Mickie was excited because she hadn't seen me since before the baby came.  And Nellie and Thelma have been my most faithful "baby trackers," so they were anxious to see how much growth had happened in the last month.  

I wonder if Little One recognized their voices because as soon as she heard them all talking to her, she was all smiles!  It was like she couldn't contain her excitement in hearing their voices and seeing their wrinkly faces smiling at her.  Thelma (secretly my favorite resident) even commented to me that Little One just seems like "their" baby.  She even bought a little outfit for her!  How sweet that she gets to have so many extra grandmas!  We are so blessed. :)


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