New things every day

Sometimes it amazes me at the little changes in Little One each day.  On Tuesday it was as if she suddenly opened her eyes and saw the flower toy attached to her swing. She had never even looked at it before, but on Tuesday, she reached out and grabbed hold of it.  All of the sudden, she is very interested in it.  And she acts as if she just can't decide what toy to play with on her exersauser.  Previously, if the animal buttons weren't in front of her, so would cry.  Now, she wants to turn and see all the other toys.  She wants to feel them, to cause them to make noise, get get them in her mouth...  Fun to watch. 

Today we went to visit the grandmas as the retirement home down the street again and for the first time, she laughed out loud!  Usually she just opens her mouth really wide, but no sound comes out.  While we were talking to the activity director, Michelle, she figured it out.  So fun to hear her little giggle!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold :)


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