Potty Training Trials #2

So when I left off, I was really wondering if we should keep pushing forward with potty training. It wasn't feeling productive, and I was starting to wonder if Honeygirl just wasn't ready. By the time she was in bed that night, I had HAD it! My wonderful husband reminded me that we were already a week in and in some senses, there was no going back. She knows when she needs to go even though she doesn't always go in the toilet. So do you stick the child back in diapers and ignore them when they cry and want to sit on the toilet? He said we should stick with it and give it another week.

First thing Monday morning, I got out the underwear she had picked and told her that if she could stay dry all day, she could wear those the next day. And then we proceeded to have a completely dry day. Are you kidding me? Is that all it would take?! Overall, the week went really well. We had some little accidents here and there, but nothing major.

Then for the weekend. I wasn't sure how it would go, but we were planning to drive 3 hours north to visit family for Christmas. A long drive, unfamiliar surroundings, lots of excitement... I was hoping for the best, but realized I might be sorely disappointed. Shockingly, Honeygirl did amazing! The diaper we put her in for the drive stayed dry the whole way there. We made multiple stops along the way for her, but she didn't have any accidents! She had a couple little accidents during our visit, but managed to stay dry the whole way back home. I was so proud of her!

By the end of the weekend, I was convinced I was a lucky mama with a child that caught on overnight last Monday......

Unfortunately, yesterday, as we started week #3, I was reminded that my child is like many others and I am not as lucky as I had hoped. Accident after accident after accident. Today hasn't been any better. Here's to hoping we'll both be refreshed after naptime, and that the laundry I'm doing right now will be enough to get us through the rest of the day....


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